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Cost effective, data-driven interventions

Cost effective, data-driven interventions: "Separate people as much as possible, create physical barriers if possible, have good air movement, and avoid prolonged contact between workers. For people working in the office, the same types of rules apply: - Mandate masks. - Those who can work from home, should. Especially those who need to take public transit, or those who are in a vulnerable group, such as older people or those with co-morbidities. - There should be hand sanitizer everywhere, and the office should be cleaned very frequently. - Avoid physical meetings. If they need to happen, avoid too many people in the room staying close to one another for too long. Ten-person meetings that last an hour are not a good idea. - Don’t work face-to-face - Structure entries so that crowds become impossible - Have hand sanitizer in elevators, or tissues and a trash can so people can press the button with it instead of their hands - Create physical barriers where needed. If people might be tempted to lean on them, try to make it so it’s inconvenient, and have signage that forbids it. - Whenever possible, create different shifts and split workers across them. - Canteens should move to takeaway. Eating time should be extended so that people don’t crowd in the same area. - Try to avoid mixing different networks inside the company. Teams that always work together and don’t hang out with others be less likely to be infected from other networks that have carriers. - Obviously, anybody with symptoms should immediately leave and get tested, and all contacts should be monitored or quarantined. For that, it might help to keep track of all work-related contacts. One way of doing that is to mark every interaction with people on the calendar." These things can occur in the context of a functioning economy, even if somewhat limited. #masks4all Guam is not on this list: See Less Edit

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